Operating Light

1. Hanging D380 surgical lighting, the diameter of the lamp head is 380mm.

 2. Lamp head shape: modern fully enclosed laminar flow lamp head, round and ultra-thin design, the thickest part is no more than 10CM, and excellent laminar flow effect can be obtained.

 3. New LED cold light source, energy saving and environmental protection, the average life of the bulb is ≥ 80,000 hours.

 4. Computer-aided modular design, multiple LED light beams are focused and illuminated, producing a depth of illumination of more than 1200 mm beams, and the illumination is 10000-100000lux.

 5. Focus depth: 108cm

 6. Spot diameter: 200mm

 7. Color temperature: 3700K~5000K

 8. Power consumption: 18W

 9. Power supply voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ

 10. The temperature of the doctor's head is <1℃

 11. Display index: 85~98

 12. Brightness adjustment: 1%~100%

 13. Bulb: imported OSRAM lamp beads

 14. Number of bulbs: 24

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