Technical Parameters 

 Nine Working Modes:

Mono cut

Cutting: 350W (load 500)

Mono Coag

Soft Coag: 150W (load 800)

Blend 1: 250W (load 500)

Strong Coag: 120W (load 500)

Blend 2: 200W (load 800)

Jet Coag: 100W (load 500)

Blend 3: 150W (load 800)


Bipolar Coag 1: 70W (load 200)

Bipolar Coag 2: 70W (load 200)

 Scope of Application:

It is suitable for various surgeries on cutting or coagulation, including generalsurgery, heart, 

urology, gynecology, anorectal surgery, orthopedics, thoracic surgery, tumor, etc. It is also used with surgeries of endoscope, hysteroscope, laparoscope, ENT endoscope, etc. The bipolar can be used in the fine surgeries of microsurgery, neurology, ENT and ophthalmology, hand surgery, etc. 

 Functional Features:

1.Cutting: that is pure cutting, the effect is fine cutting, tissue surface is fresh and no scab;

2.Blend 1: The effect is to provide slight coagulation while cutting.

3.Blend 2: The effect is to provide powerful coagulation while cutting.

4.Blend 3: The effect is to provide good coagulation while cutting. It is suitable for superficial coagulation of tissue in surgery and can be used with endoscopy. 

5.Coag 1: It can be called soft electrocoagulation or point coagulation. It is suitable for deeper coagulation of tissue in surgery and can be used with endoscopy. Because smaller area of action can reduce adhesion between electrode and tissue, it is better for rehabilitation of patients. 

6.Coag 2: It can be called strong electrocoagulation or surface coagulation. I t has the faster coagulation and larger area of action. 

7.Coag 3: It can be called jet electrocoagulation. It can provide effective non-contact coagulation and can be used with argon system.

8.Bipolar Coag 1: It can be called rapid bipolar electrocoagulation. It can achieve the effect of coagulation at the moment of start-up and reduce the rate of misoperation during surgery.

9.Bipolar Coag 2: It can be called fine bipolar electrocoagulation. It can achieve the effect of coagulation at the moment of start-up, cut off the power output automatically during tissue coagulation, achieve excellent coagulation, and prevent tissue adhesion effectively.

 Product Advantages:

1.Independent output port of endoscope and intelligent conversion key, which can enter endoscopic mode automatically after start-up. 

2.Microcomputer control system, power-off protection, and memory function of keeping last usage data after restart. 

3.Automatic adjustment on output power. It can be adjusted automatically according to the change of density of tissue. Stable output power to keep the minimum wastage. 

4.Automatic conversion on monopolar and bipolar.

5.Automatic monitoring of on-off, automatic detection and error prompt in work. 

6.The monitoring circuit system on contact quality of neutral electrode can test and evaluate the safety and effectiveness on the contact area between electrode plate and skin. The system can cut off output automatically and give an alarm, in case of finding that contact area is in dangerous level. It can test and use negative plate of monopolar or bipolar effectively. 

7.Operatingpanel with keys, high definition and large digital. It has different sound and light indicators during operation. Waterproof operating keys are easy to clean and maintain.

8.Independent three-way power output. This increases the convenience and security of operation.

9.It can be operated and performed well underwater even when dissecting and removal of fat tissue.

10.Fully suspended power output. There are two independent and isolated application sections to prevent defibrillation interference (monopolar and bipolar). 

 Technical Parameters:

Ambient temperature range: 10ºC40ºC;  

Relative humidity range: 30%75%;

Atmospheric pressure range: 700hpa1060hpa; 

Power supply: 220V (+22V), 50Hz (+1);

Working frequency: 360kHz460 kHz; 

Type of equipment: CF;

The power consumption of the whole device is less than 1000VA. (Cutting function: 350W)

Transport and Storage:

  1. Ambient temperature range:-40ºC±55ºC; 
  2. Relative humidity range: ≤93%
  3. Atmospheric pressure range: 500hpa1060hpa

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